Goal-oriented Person Essay Example

Goals are important in order to move forward and gain a sense of self-worth. Setting and achieving attainable goals builds our confidence and equips us for the next stage of our lives.

I believe I am a goal-orientated person as I live my life by setting goals and trying my best to achieving those goals. For example, I wanted to achieve high teaching qualification level so that I could tutor part-time. The reward of achieving that goal would help me to provide students a one-on-one lessons to achieve their own educational objectives.

Despite the fact that I am working full-time and raise my children, I attended night classes and set aside time on the weekends to complete assignments. When setting goals you need to stay committed to your goal and follow the 4 P’s. Plan, Prepare, Pray and then Proceed. Moving forward you need to have self-discipline on your journey in attaining your goal.

I set myself daily setting goals; both short and long term. Then I do my best to achieve them. I believe that success can only come by setting realistic goals and then enthusiastically following through them. Another example would be writing a book in 2005. I had been writing poetry since school days and later on articles for a business magazine. Working full time, raising my kids I had a burning desire to write again. This time I wanted to challenge myself and finally write a book. Once again I sat down and worked tirelessly until my book formed into a beautiful reality. Persistence, enthusiasm, passion and determination lead to the success of the publication of my book.

Goals are important! They are an essential part of everyone’s life. So I challenge anyone who wants to try a luck to succeed on your Big G today! Are you ready for your own special challenge?